Full moon in Gemini on November 27 - Depressive energy

Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/17/2023 - 09:25

We have full moon in Gemini on November 27. It is so oppose to Mars (action) , Sun (ego) in Sagittarius and Square to Saturn (Constraints). It is depressive energy. You may want to move fast but speed is fading because of constraints. 

You may be stuck in choice. Is it right choice. Gemini brings multiple options. 

If you were born near 27, you will feel it closely.  Ceres is also in square to Saturn, it means basic insequrity will be in food and comfort. 

  • Aries - Sibling, connect, education
  • Taurus - Earned income 
  • Gemini - Outlook and perception. 
  • Cancer - Mental peace
  • Leo - Social life. Friends'
  • Virgo - Social status and career 
  • Libra- Legal matters and education 
  • Scorpio - Partner's income or losses
  • Sagittarius - Marriage and connect
  • Capricorn - Job and health 
  • Aquarius - Love and child 
  • Pisces - Home and mother