Corona and Future

Submitted by admin on Wed, 05/06/2020 - 11:15

Corona is new buzzword. It is going to redefine the way business will happen going forward. No risk expert had predicted it. We are stuck with an enemy we hardly know. Offices have lockdown. After lockdown is over ,we will be in new era of work life. Those who were busy in firefighting are sitting at home. Oil was gold few days back. Everything has changed. We have new battle to fight. Importance of life is back.

The way business are being run will change. Group working as team may change to atomic working from home in long run. It is hard to predict the way this corona crisis will leave on us. Meeting are happening on Zoom or Microsoft teams. Virtual worlds have taken over. Schools are running classes online. Corona may change the way we worked like never before. Human have seen enemy earlier too but this enemy is hidden ,tiny and mysterious.

Corona works in group. 70 million virus needed to make a man sick. Groups are always hard to deal with. On Other hand ,human are breaking apart. Work from home make team virtual. And they may not be that effective. Though it is gives liberty for human excellence.

Army of small robots have taken over human. It kills a mammoth body by just coordination and chocking human weakness. They are small but they have count, unity and mission. Human has lockdown himself to protect self.

China has upper hand in this. China was looking looser in earlier rounds. But now, it is USA and Europe are top losers. Medical facilities have collapsed. China is sitting on huge cash pile and can go on hunting or buying the debt bound world. After corona cancer of debt will take over. Countries may soon align self with new power house.

Pain of India may go longer. India has no vision than doing hindu muslim. India may face cash crunch and job loss. Having huge population has risk of anger. Economy is grossly mismanaged and under debt. Law and order may be big issue post lockdown. Hungry people will kill or fight. India has lost its vision midway.

Global economy may bleed for years. Countries have to learn self sustenance. Running state on debt is not good idea. Middle class cant bear burden of high taxes. WHO ,UN etc have collapsed. New world order will emerge.

World needs politics free responsible leadership. Products like security safety and medical advancement needed to tackle this crisis. Many business will collapse and new opportunity will emerge.