Full moon in Leo - January 25 - Big emotional restriction

Submitted by admin on Mon, 01/15/2024 - 04:54

Full moon of Leo has square with Jupiter and Quincux with Saturn. Both are tough aspects to fix sign moon. Ego clashes with some restrictions.

This full moon is in Pushya Nakshatra (Saturn ruled). Emotional volcono may come out. People may be too rigid on their stand, need compassion. 

Mercury has been favoc mode as it is passing through Moola nakshtra. It will soon be out. Communication will be soon restored. 

It will affect people born near 25 of any month, Culmination of following 

  • Aries - love and child
  • Taurus - Mother and home 
  • Gemini - Sibling and travel 
  • Cancer  - Earned income 
  • Leo - Outlook, perception, energy 
  • Virgo- Mental peace,
  • Libra- Social links and friends
  • Scorpio - Social status and career 
  • Sagittarius - Travel and legal matters
  • Capricorn - Partner's income 
  • Aquarius - Marriage 
  • Pisces - Job and health