Lunar eclipse July 5 , 2020 -Capricorn

Submitted by admin on Tue, 06/23/2020 - 23:49

It is about practical security. Capricorn is in sign of authority. Lunar eclipse respresent culmination. It is result time for few. Half of the universe is empty. No planet between Cancer 13 to Capricorn 13 Degree. It may be emotional and practical culmination for few. Uranus is sweet with it. Six planets are in retrograde. 3 eclipses are back to back and half of the universe is empty. No doubt many of us are feeling pressure. If you were born near 5th of any month , this eclipse is close to you. 

  • Aries - Career and social status 
  • Taurus - Travel and partner;s income 
  • Gemini - Partner's income 
  • Cancer - Marriage and commitment 
  • Leo- Job and health 
  • Virgo - Love and creativity 
  • Libra- Home and domestic affair 
  • Scorpio- Sibling or contract
  • Sagittarius - Earned income 
  • Capricorn - Perception and outlook
  • Aquarius - Mental peace , Hidden truth
  • Pisces- SOcial life and friends.


It can be positive time for some as energy is quite focus and Uranus is supporting it..