Lunar eclipse in Scorpio - May 5 - Intense shock with desire of freedom..

Submitted by admin on Mon, 04/24/2023 - 05:51

Lunar eclipse in Swati Nakshtra (Rahu Ruled) is opposite to Uranus. Freedom will be key. It is culmination of emotions. Mars is triggering impulsiveness as in emotional water of Cancer. If you were born near 6th of any month, it will be more impactful. 

  • Aries - Expenses, Big decisions
  • Taurus - Marriage and Commitment 
  • Gemini- Job and health 
  • Cancer - love and child 
  • Leo - Home and Domestic love
  • Virgo - Sibling and connect
  • Libra- -Earned income 
  • Scorpio - Outlook and perception 
  • Sagittarius - Psychological life and Mental barriers
  • Capricorn - Social life and friends
  • Aquarius - Career and social status 
  • Pisces - Travel, education and In laws