Management by Zodiac..2/2

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You are unique. Some talent is inbuilt in you. Most people do what they are not supposed to do. It is HR role to identify it well and use the natural talent of the person. Zodiac is long survived perceptions, it has withstand time and data. In first part , I gave details about Aries to Virgo. Now lets discuss Libra to Pisces  

                Libra – Decorator, Journalist, Marketing, Customer service, Group building, Justice,  

                Scorpio – Strategy, Research, Analysis, Data , Operation, Consolidation, Reengineering

                Sagittarius – Admin, Public relation, Travel agent, Sport coach, Brand ambassador  

                Capricorn – CEO, Financial planner, Operation, Projects, Expansion, Rational thinking

                Aquarius – CTO, Technology, R&D , Mechanical designer, Computer programmer

                Pisces – Musician, creative work, Counsellor, Photographer, Operations


He loves People. He comes out genuine people leader. He can lead a team. He should mix delivery and people well. He is born to create balance in system. Libra girl has good sense of food, design, and craft. Event management can be her good forte.  


He is born strategist. He is good for reengineering. Scorpio cuts out mess well. He could take tough decisions. He in intense and good depth of subject. He will go deep in subject. He could be Lazy sometimes. He is good in data, numbers, operation, and consolidation.  He may be little less in communication. He can be asset for back room analysis. No war can be won without Scorpio strategy. He is intense and can see enemy weakness well.


He is born explorer. He is good in travel management, foreign posting, public relations, and administration work. He can get things done. He love changes. He has eyes to see fixed behaviour or fixed culture. He is people oriented, yet task driven. He speaks lot and many times go overboard. He has Charisma and Jupiter luck with him.


He brings rationality to the team. He can be tough manager. His focus is work. He respect goals too much. He can deliver well in operation. He is born entrepreneur. Give him task and forget. He will find the way. He may not be showman like Sagittarius or Gemini. But he has content and more task oriented than people. He may sometimes go ruthless for work and goals.


He brings fresh ideas. He can be good in coding and has all information about technology movement. He is good for R&D. He knows new frontier on technological front. He can be good in sports. Any technical issue can be treated by him. Mechanical design, computer work, and problem solving need idea.


He is born artist. Ha can paint well, act well, and plan well. Planning can be good for him. He loves perfection. His live is balance between perfection and execution. He is creative and see deep in talent. His connection with people and idea go well.