Multiple marriages and Success

Submitted by admin on Tue, 10/15/2019 - 11:05

Facebook is full of people who are beautiful couples, loyal, happy and smiling. Connection is key of success. Let’s come out of Facebook life. Let’s assume 90% live in married life,5% remain single and 5% do multiple marriages. Success should be in that ratio only. But it is not there..

Long list of singles are doing well in life like – Narendra Modi, Mayawati, Mamta Banerjee, Salman Khan, Vivekananda, Rahul Gandhi, Atal Bihari Bajpai, Indira Gandhi, Buddha, Mother Terrassa ,

Long list is there who had 2 or more wives and did well in life – Einstein (2). Picasso (many), Elon Musk (3), Donald Trump (3), Boris Johnson (3) Amritya sen (3), Abhijit banerjee (2), Imran Khan (3),

Second list is like wife hoppers. If first did not go well, they jumped till they find the right connection. We have job hoppers in private world. These are not kings, they have gone with winds. May be after 2-3 companies change person realize and see what is good for him or not. Same applicable here. They don’t compromised with bad choices. They corrected their mistake of last company in new job.

Very few in private company which grow higher after being trapped. There are stories a person joined as engineer and raise higher in ranks later – But few. Happy married life is like it. There are many connection, I have seen where one + One = eleven. They have grown well. It is little bit of luck too. Many times we stuck in bad marriages, bad choices and cross purposes. We all want to grow in our chosen area. Getting supportive partner is little bit of luck.

#Nomarriage is revolution in South Korea. People wants to live with their own chosen purpose. They want to grow and live life filled with joy.

First list is about people who never tried in that area. They remain loyal to their purpose. Their connection is their purpose. They don’t need intimate connection to grow.