New epidemic - Mental health

Submitted by admin on Wed, 08/07/2019 - 06:01

Coffee day owner has died. It left us with many questions. Entrepreneurs are now talking about mental health openly. It is most ignored hygiene. We are living between hurted people with twisted intentions. Can we ignore their effect on us.

I had interesting discussion few days back with my friends. It was discussion on system and its impact on mental health. My view is in socialism people are more happy. World should be divided in small zones and allow them to flourish mentally strong people. Capitalism works on fear. This emotion breaks psychology of the nation. Few people gets rich and rest struggle for bread. Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai are few example where people has made significant progress. In large nations like India or china, voice of poor never reach to high level.  

Yes socialism creates lot of lazy people. Lots of benefits kills productivity.  Best they have also given best painters, writers, or nobel laurels. People spend more time in creation than survival.

System induces physiological and behavioral issues. We live with similar kind of people.

Another big factor is job related behavioral twists. Army man has different psychic than a normal person. Discipline or fear breaks him. Judges have different psychic as their ego got polished each day. Each job dip us in an emotional hazard – fear, ego, stress, or rejection. Sales man becomes habitual at rejection. A private employee lost his sense to execute on retirement. Even in profession they may vary. A cancer doctor always listens patient X died or Y died. A gynecologist listen she gave birth to new life today. Psychic of each one won’t be same.  With age , it imprints our conscious mind.

Hope one day we have a behavior change machine. We all are unhappy , broken , or angry with one person or a group. This pressure won’t create healthy thinking pattern. An unhealthy mind has bigger cost to repair then a managing healthy lifestyle. That makes us run towards baba, guru, or spiritual books. Mental health also needs hygiene. Growing nuclear families or loneliness has made this problem worst. Our tears under fake smiles under good cloths cant remain hidden forever, We fight on road, in office, or in isolation. Coffee day owner death shows how hollow is our life now. Money cant buy true happiness and peace. Peace is new currency. Be new rich.