New moon Libra – September 29 , 2019

Submitted by admin on Mon, 09/23/2019 - 07:43

This new moon is in Libra (5 deg). Justice will give balance. It is time to listen group too. This new moon is tough with Uranus (unexpected events) and Chiron (healing the hurts). Hurt will pain a bit. Sudden turn of event may bother you a bit. If you were born near 29th of any month, this new moon would impact you.

  • Aries -  Marriage , relationships, and commitment
  • Taurus – Job , health, wellness
  • Gemini-  Love ,child, creativity
  • Cancer – Domestic place or home
  • Leo –Sibling and contract.
  • Virgo – Earned income and self worth
  • Libra-  Outlook and perception
  • Scorpio – Mental  peace ,Truth or rest
  • Sagittarius – Social life or friends
  • Capricorn – Social status , Career
  • Aquarius – Travel , inlaws, legal matters
  • Pisces – Loan , expenses.

Libra season will be coming on October. Mars, Sun, Mercury, Moon, And Venus will visit Libra soon. It will be time of justice, equality and groups.