New moon Taurus - 8th May 2024 - Money and possessions

Submitted by admin on Thu, 05/02/2024 - 04:32
Venus is all over here. It is money, sex, currencies, luxuries , and love .. If you were born near 8th of any month it is more so. It is baharani Nakshatra which is very much about lust to grow.. Five to six planets are in Taurus . Use this opportunity to grow deeper in resources. Intense new moon on May 8 in Taurus is a super new moon. Powerful to addresses issues related to money and possessions Aries - Earned income Taurus - Outlook energy Gemini - mental peace Cancer - Social peace Leo - Social status Virgo - Travel and in laws Libra- Partner's income Scorpio - Marriage and relations Sagittarius - Job and health Capricorn - Love and child Aquarius - Home and mother Pisces - Sibling and connect