Over stimulus world

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/06/2023 - 12:15

We are living in over-stimulus world. Attention is overconsumed. Everyone wants our focus. Advertisers, politics, Market, food stalls, travel spots, or DPs. We keep moving our focus from one point to another. This put attention on overstrength. Attention is learning in living in this over attentive world working on multitask. Laser sharp focus is missing. We are jumping between APPs, Foods, and Projects. We are not designed for it. OTT choices are killing us. We are finishing series after series in one go.

As body keeps eating sugar and carb and get diabetes. Attention is also getting sick. We are missing genuine conversations, quality of work, and efforts of knowing people and tasks. Even few people are getting bore in one relation. We need new stimulus.

Taste of care is changing frequently. We are dipping self in consumerism. This is all to optimize life to get more out in this limited time.

During in all this , basic fundamental of life is not changing. You are unique but still to stand out of the public you must deliver unique.

Only possible , if you perform outside comfort zone,