Pisces Horoscope - August 2020

Submitted by admin on Sat, 08/01/2020 - 14:53

Neptune is in retrograde. It is time to clear your mind. Remove clatter. Right vision should be key. We need clarity to move ahead.  Best aspect now is Jupiter Neptune sextile. It will help in realizing the dream in social life.

Full moon of August 3 is little edgy. It is in Leo. We have Uranus at its square.  Full moon is in mental peace house. It is time to take care of mental peace issues. If you were born near March 3, this full moon may bring things to culmination. Near this full moon we have Mars Jupiter Square, Mercury -Saturn opposition too. So better to ignore conflict.  With Uranus in picture, it is expected to be unexpected and difficult full moon. Better not to take impulsive decisions. Relax and sleep well. Thoughts may flood your brain based on some truth exposed to you.

Earned income issue may take your time in next five months. A glimpse of same could have come in July 2020. Mars is in Aries. Any crack in employer strength foundation may come-out in open. Rebuild skills till Jan 2021. Pisces born between March  8 to 20 will feel more pressure to give attention to money management.  Mars is in shadow phase. It will go retrograde soon on September 9 to November 13. Important pressure dates may come near August 4, 13, and 24.

Uranus will go in retrograde from August 15. That will make all distant planets will be in retrograde beyond Mars. Mars is also in shadow phase. It may be hard to push things ahead. Uranus is around 10 degree Taurus so it will impact speed affair Check how transactions flows. Pisces, if born near March 2 will feel the heat.

New moon of August 19 is in Leo. It is your house of job and health. New beginning will happen in a  health project. Mars and Eris are good with it. So actions will be well coordinated. Saturn is tough.be responsible in your behavior. If you were born near March 19 , +/- five days , you will feel it impact.