Pluto Jupiter transit

Submitted by admin on Sat, 06/13/2020 - 02:55

Pluto and Jupiter are moving close in this eclipse season; Both are retrograde., Gap on the chart shows Mercury is in Rx and first planet on front row in Cancer.. It is time to review our priorties.  Pluto rules deot and it needs our attention to live fully with zero debt. Jupiter amplify everything. Pluto has extra power now as no planet between Mercury and Pluto. 

Meantime Mars is in conjunction with Neptune. It is time to sharoen your visison. 

World is at critical stage and Astrologers have extra responsibility to make it better. People born near 16 and 5 have extra pressure because of current planet position. June and July look tight to me. \

Sun will oppose Jupiter and Pluto on July 13-15. Jupiter wil take over role of most area under him starting July. Jupiter is good planet. It should bring positive vibes in currently depressed world. ..