Rising Stress and Lack of meditation

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/25/2019 - 06:12

We were stressed earlier. Now mobile has induced more stress. Electromagnetic waves moving around us have made us impatient. Control over the brain has gone. Sleepless nights are killing us. We are basically pleasure seeker and pain ignorer. This run for pleasure is making our mind restless. Pleasure content or food are killing us now. Earlier it was just pleasure fast food, now pleasure content are taking over. It is like pop music, addiction of Netflix, twitter, or whatsapp. We are in race to stimulate mind regularly.

This short term rush for pleasure has impact on our mental health. We will soon many deaddiction centers and healers. Noise around us is taking over our mental thoughts. We need to control these bad habits to live balance life. Thoughts have become prime sensory organ. We feel pleasure in content.

Is there any end of it? It is better to have in society –No mobile zones and No stress zones. These are places where we can deaddict ourself and cleanse our thoughts. There is less fun in the world and there is an end of this materialistic race.

It is necessary, you live in present and enjoy each bit. Race to get best job, best partner, best TV series, best nature, best movie will  race you fast to a sugary death. Time runs fast in materialist pleasure. Slowest in present. Choice is yours. Live slow.

Meditation is only way to recover or heal consciousness. Join it to recover and value this asset god has given you consciousness. Live near a healer. It is very hard to get one. Best human purpose of life is to know why are we here or blindly indulge in luxury nature has created.