Solar Eclipse October 25 in Scorpio - Intense Love/Fun or No love

Submitted by admin on Fri, 10/14/2022 - 09:58

Eclipse on 2 degree Scorpio is here on October 25. It is festival of lights in India. Venus is in conjunction with it , so love is important during this eclipse. Jupiter is tough. It means excess of love or lack of love may be here during this eclipse. Love is key here so fun or pleasure. Spend less on pleasure. Eat sensible. 

Solar eclipse is always an intiation.  You may initiate somthing big proactively or circumtances will trigger them.  

This eclipse has square with tough fixed stars The Aselli (The Asses) in Leo and Sham in Aquarius. However , it is on fortunate fixed star Princeps in Scorpio. Princeps means keen and profound mind, often shameless liar. 

People born near 25th will get maximum impact especially in fixed sign.

  • Aries (Born near March 23) - Partner's income , Gain, Losses
  • Taurus (April 24) - Marriage , Property division, etc 
  • Gemini (May 25) - Job , health 
  • Cancer (Jun 25) - Love, Child
  • Leo (Jul 25)- Home , Mother 
  • Virgo (Aug 25)- Sibling, Contract 
  • Libra (Sep 25)- Earned income 
  • Scorpio (Oct 25)- Outlook, Perception 
  • Sagittarius (Nov 25) - Hidden truth, Friend or enemy 
  • Capricorn (Dec 25)-  Friends , Social circle 
  • Aquarius (Jan 25) - Social status , career 
  • Pisces (Feb 25)- Legal, Education or Travel