TAURUS (April 20 to May 20):: November 2016 Horoscope

November starts with a new moon in Scorpio on October 30. This is new beginning in relations. Use this build up for better relations in first half of month. If you have any business idea. Explore more.

Mars is in Capricorn till November 9. Travel and education is supported. Get maximum out of it. Explore the world. After November 9, Focus will shift to career matters. A VIP will keep you occupied. A big career opportunity will come your way. Be prepared in November end and december start,

On November 10, Saturn and Pluto are tough. Expenses would be high on education or travel. In-laws may ask help.

On November 14, full moon is happening in Taurus. Something close to your heart will reach at culmination. Sensing that earth signs are supportive now in family matters. Use it maximum for your benefits. Uranus is tough on it. Mind may work in eccentric way. Creative idea would help. Some hidden truth will come out.

On November 24, Jupiter and Pluto are tough. Take care of health and travel plan. You may be down but have to travel. Some conflict like it will happen. You mobile or car may misbehave. Do take care.

Month will end with new moon in Sagittarius. New moon of November 29 is in hazy mood. It is hard on Neptune. This is house of partnerís income.If you have given money to a friend, it will be difficult to take it out. If you were born near April 29, this new moon will impact more. Social expenses may rise unexpectedly.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn has been moving in Sagittarius. Now time is too control your finances. Do take care of loan and taxes. Expenses may become high so keep track and do save. It will be upto One more year.

Jupiter has been moving to romantic house starting August 12, 2015. It is all about. Work life is important now. It would be easy too.

Twelfth house has Uranus who is master of technology and creative thinking. Many things are going on in your mind. Neptune is moving in eleventh house of friends and social life. Social circle is fading with time. Neptune creates vision conflict. Friends may change to competitors.

Pluto is in ninth house of travel and expansion. It is time to expand your intellectual base. Keep your mind open. Learn and develop new skills. Only our skills take us to new heights. Education and spiritual development should be your key focus.

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