TAURUS (April 20 to May 20):: May 2018 Horoscope

Uranus, planet of unexpected surprises, is coming your way on May 16. May is birthday month for you. Uranus lives around seven years in one sign. It will work on your outlook and perception. You may cut fat drastically. Seven years is a long time. It will affect people born within April 20 - April 28 first. education and travel is very high now. Three planets Saturn (insecurities), Pluto (passion) and Mars (actions) are there. So explore more educational world. Read books, listen audio, connect with spiritual world, and explore foreign lands. Focus very high till May 16.

On May 16, Mars will move to career chart. Social status will come on focus. Go and tell the world your learning and skills. You may win awards. You may gain influence to right people.

Meantime, New moon in Taurus is on May 15. New beginning is possible for outlook and perception. This house of perception will soon get boost by Uranus (Starting May 15). Next seven years will have erratic weight, dress change, or perception change for you. You may learn new culture, skills, language, haircut, or dressing sense.

This new moon is opposite to Jupiter. Some big opposition may come from marriage partner. Jupiter and Neptune are in good sync. Pluto is supporting this new moon to. A new beginning is possible in long run. If single, try to decide on find a partner. This new moon is very supportive.

If you were born near May 15 , +/- 5 days, this new moon is close.

Full moon is due in Sagittarius on May 29. This full moon is in partnerí s income or loan. A big inflow of money is possible. If money is stuck, try hard to extract this date.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter has been moving in marriage life. Strenghten interpersonal relationships.

Twelfth house has Uranus who is master of technology and creative thinking (till May 2018). Many things are going on in your mind.

Neptune is moving in eleventh house of friends and social life. Social circle is fading with time. Neptune creates vision conflict. Friends may change to competitors.

Saturn and Pluto is in ninth house of travel and expansion. It is time to expand your intellectual base. Keep your mind open. Learn and develop new skills. Only our skills take us to new heights. Education and spiritual development should be your key focus.

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