TAURUS (April 20 to May 20):: December 2019 Horoscope

Mars is moving in seventh house. Marriage issue would come up. If single, it is good time to marry. Or if married, strengthen your commitment for long term decisions. Mars means impulsiveness. Any verbal spat with marriage partner is short term. Try to be in positive frame of mind.

A very supportive solar eclipse is coming your way on December 26. It is too good and supportive to your sign. If you were born near April 26, next six months are all about travelling, legal matters, teacher, and in-laws. It is time to write a book, start a blog and start a website. Pack your bag and explore this world. It is beautiful. Touch nature as frequently as you can.

Eclipses are about concrete decision. Some are results and some are forces initiation in your intellectual world. Buy new mobile. Drive new car. Plan your holidays well.

A full moon is coming on your way in Gemini on December 12. It is test of your financial matters. Financial expenses may come up. Pressure will come travelling and legal matters. A distant relative may ask money. Or, you may spend on your big holiday plan. If you were born near May 12, this full moon will impact more. Education is key now. In-laws may be too tough now.

Saturn and Pluto will conjunct soon in travelling and legal matters. It will be time to evaluate any weakness there. It is about your rebirth as a poet, writer, traveller, or lawyer. Universe wants you to focus on these points.

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