TAURUS (April 20 to May 20):: June 2020 Horoscope

June is milestone month. 2020 has not been good so far. So much focus on Capricorn focus has created this virus mess.Focus at end of Capricorn so much. You may be busy with in-laws, legal matters and distant client. Distance coming in between to execute things. Forign people may be key to get things done.

This pressure is more for people born near May 18. One good date to execute any educational project is June 30. Jupiter and Pluto will be too close.

Mercury will go in retrograde on June 18 and Neptune on June 23. Mercury will go retrograde on June 18 to July 12. Know your plans well. Review them well. Neptune will go retrograde from June 22 (20 Deg Pisces) to November 28 (18 Deg Pisces). It is time to cut off the illusion from the past.Know your friends well. Some may not be needed now.

Lunar eclipse of June 5 is in expenses .Emotions and impulses are very high near this eclipse. If you were born near May 5, this eclipse will bring emotional or financial expenses for you. It may be cost of freedom. Social links or friends may need additional burdon. Keep some buffer. Eclipses are result time for us. They deliver final comments of our efforts. We get rewarded , if we put right efforts.

Solar eclipse of June 21 is new beginning. It will act differently for people born near April 20 and May 20. . For April 22, It will be time to initiate a new beginning to have sibling matters. FOr people born near May 20, this eclipse is earned income. A forced pressure may come to give out more money. Saturn , Jupiter, and Pluto are not happy with this eclipse so it will be intense pressure to give out your income.

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