TAURUS (April 20 to May 20):: July 2019 Horoscope

Uranus is here. It is on 6 Degree. If you were born near 28th April this is changing your perception and outlook to the world. Changing self is not easy. Uranus wants you to be.

Eclipse season is here. It is wind of changes. Direction of your sail may change. These are supportive eclipses. Use them for your benefit. Some taurus may go on travel first time. Pack your beg and go. Spirituality and education will be important. Write a book blog, or run behind to-do list.

First eclipse is on July 2. It is time to new begining in travel, skill development, or time management. Buy new car, mobile or gadget. If you were born near May 2, this eclipse is closer to you. Push life in new direction. Transactions are also needed to build up for bigger world.

Second eclipse of July 17 is tight one. It is lunar eclipse and full of aspects. Pluto and Saturn are nearby in Capricorn. Sun and Venus are opposite. Neptune is supporting this eclipse. So it is heavy on responsibility. Lack of sleep or food possible. If you were born near May 17, this eclipse will be direct to you. It is in travel or legal matters which may need attention. Result will come from these areas. Go for higher studies. Touch new horizons. You may break first ceiling for forign travel.

Meantime, Mars will be in Leo from July 7 to August 1. It will be time to touch home and mother.. Mercury will go retrograde from July 7 to July 31. It will be time to reduce communication mess. Recheck information. Delay in train timing or meeting possible. Don't rush.

Let's discuss long term aspects for Taurus. Jupiter is moving in loan and money till year end. Money situation should improve. Saturn and Pluto are in career. It is testing time in in-laws or legal matters for many Taurus, Neptune is in Pisces which is good for social life and friends. Uranus is in moving in Taurus so erratic behaviour or outlook.

Ceres- 0-1 deg sagittarius - Partner’s income

Lilith - 6-9 deg Pisces.. - social life

Chiron - 5 deg - Aries - peace

Eris - 24 deg Aries - peace

Sedna - 27 deg Taurus -outlook

Juno -18 Deg Leo - home

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