Aries Horoscope - December 2020

Submitted by admin on Thu, 11/19/2020 - 11:14

We are in era of planets alignments. Most planets are in direct motion and eclipses season in Sagittarius and Gemini. Both are supportive houses and travel ,sibling and connect with you. Education may be important for self, kid, or spirituality. Adding skill and knowledge will be key. Be productive not just busy.

Mars will be here for one more month. Aries born in second half of Aries will be full of energy and action. Lower half of chart is empty. Most planets are between Uranus and Venus. Financial house will be key in first 15 days. In second half of December 2020 you will see ravel may be for financial reasons.

December brings travel as key theme along with education. It will be driven by eclipses of November 30 and December 14.  Eclipse of December 14 will kick start a new cycle of travel and education. This eclipse is sandwich between Venus -and Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter.  So financial income and career will feed the travel desire. It has great support from Mars. If you were born near April 14, =/- 5 days , this eclipse is for you. Legal matters may trigger. You would like to be right in education , law, in-law, and travel. Universe wants to correct you in all these. It is tough with Neptune so be clear in goals. Next six months will be key in this area.

 Jupiter and Saturn will leave career house of December 17 and 19. It will be big relief , if you have been going through hell in career matters. 2021 they will bless social life. So friends will be key in 2021. On December 21, both will conjunct in Aquarius.

December will end with full moon on December 29 in Cancer. This full moon is perfect with Uranus. So resolve the domestic issues. Mother may give financial input. A sweet deal may close about property. If you were born near March 29, this full moon will bring a culmination. A travel is possible to close home deal.