Astrology to healing

Submitted by admin on Tue, 07/13/2021 - 11:01

Astrology is a healing tool. We move in its path knowing the possible roadblocks and strengths. Life is never smooth flow..It goes ups and down. If we resist more.. it hurts more. Many times losses are not in our hands. 

Gain and losses are part of life. Conciousness is very precious. It is mostly waste after 40. We lose track and most of the time brain function in autopiolt mode. Taking it out for hyperfocus is not easy. We need efforts. Most people waste life in distraction. Jumping from one task to another. It make us lost and tired. Life is too short.. Slow it down. Do things that you like to do hours without stopping. 

Living on triggers not good. It cant yield anything. We are born fearful. We look for threats all the time. Even if they are not there. Mind get tired easily and switch to another task. Skills are long term efforts.

Using astrology in life helps. It tells us possible trigger points and their effects, Know them before hand and try to miitigate them in advance.