Corona Wave 2

Submitted by admin on Sun, 04/11/2021 - 00:19

Corona wave 2 is here. Pluto and Mars are leading the astro energies. Pluto rules fear and death. Mars rules bias for action. We will have April 12 new moon soon. Energies are so concentrated between Pluto and Mars. We are in intense phase of one sided emotions. 

Mars is moving ahead to fill the gap. That's why so much anger in system. We are impulsive and want to have concrete action. Corona is at its peak as Mars- Neptune are in square with each other in Gemini and Pisces. 

When will it end? Answer in in upcoming signatures

  • Pluto Retrograde - April 27
  • Full moon -Scorpio- April 28
  • New moon -Taurus-May 12
  • Jupiter in pisces -May 13 
  • Saturn Retrograde- May 23 
  • May-26, 2021 lunar eclipse -Sagittarius
  • June 10,2021,Solar Eclipse -Gemini
  • Saturn Uranus Square is due on June 14
  • Jupiter Retrograde - June 20. 


So we expect volatile period till mid June,2021. We have to be alert and observe things..Be safe and take care of your loved one.