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Submitted by admin on Sat, 03/20/2021 - 10:50

People born near 28th are feeling pressure as full moons are intense. New moon too have pressure on people born near 13th. Mars and Pluto are on extreme ends of space time. People are agressive on personal front. 3 Astroids in early part of Capciron are - Ixion, Pholus, Quoara .. 

Eclipses are in Gemini and Sagittarius axis. Making us to balance that part. Moon nodes always brings some lessons and deep insight to let it go. 

Corona is back on some part of India as planets are squeezed as they were in 2020. 

Aries : Changes are intense pressure coming for drastic changes. Own half of the vertical is full (Capricorn to Cancer).  Mars on front so driving Aries and Scorpio little crazy. 

  • Piere Morgon (Anchor Resigned)
  • T Rawat (New CM Uttrakhand)
  • Chautala (Dy CM Haryana)
  • Jeff Bezos ex wife - Remarriage 

Taurus : Venus is expected to go retrograde in December in Capricorn . It has time . Current issue is Uranus -Saturn Square. It is intense. Time to redesign money matters. Taurus Born near 28th must be feeling intense pressure as full moons and Saturn Uranus Square. 

Gemini: Marriage and self. It is either ideal or you are looking for idealism. Mars is making you ruler of zodiac. You have extra power. Career matters are so important. Pressure is to show the world your true power. Missing Donald trump and his tweets. China leader is also Gemini and Both USa and China sensing a cold war kind of situation. Gemini has first eclipse on May 26. That time a wind of intense change will come. Indian Farm minister is Gemini and feeling Farmer's protest. 

Cancer : Elon musk is making huge money and  so Gautam Adani of India. Both made huge money last year. Again pressure on Cancer is to show to the world your learning and gains. 

Leo: Leo born near 28th must be feeling intense pressure. In India Udhav Thackrey born near 29 AJuly Facing intense crisis of existance. 

Virgo.: Oracus is in Virgo opposing Neptune. Some unstability is possible. China regime is behind Jack ma.. In Indian cricket suryakumar is doing good.Most planets are in opposite signs, so partner will decide most things in life. Other people will have control on your decisions. Narendra Modi polularity is down now. 

Libra : Moat signs are in opposite signs. Intense pressure to perform. Full moon of March 28 will have another high point. 

Scorpio: Joe Biden has taken over USA. Sensing reduced noise now on twitter He has many challenges. Many Scorpio had legal issues. Stress visible in early Scorpios , born near 28th. Saturn Jupiter keeping pressure at home matters or marriage issues. 

Sagittarius:  Moon nodes are with you. Sudhanu Adhikari (Dec-15) changed party in West Bangal. He is now strugelling with  her old mentor. Sharad pawar (Dec 12) Sagittarius facing issues in Maharastra to run a govenenment. Rajnikanth lost his battle to health and not in fray. IN May -June - We have eclipses. 

Capricorn: Mamta Banerjee (Jan 5) is fighting her battle for life. She met an accident. Many of her friends left her party. Pressure on Capricorn is to save her home. 

Aquarius: Uranus is in square with Saturn. Facebook, Whatsapp, or other social media in fire as control , data etc. Data is key oil. Governaments are losing interest in democracy. Moving toward dictatorships. Myanmar is one example.  If you were born near Jan 28, pressure may be intense now. 

Pisces : Neptune is in Pisces and creating havok in vaccination, corona, and infections. Stay away from drug and illusion. Some one may backstab you. Know your worth and move ahead.. Jupiter is coming towards you.