Financial Markets now

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/31/2022 - 07:32

Last week marked the Dow’s first eight-week losing streak since 1923, while the S&P 500 capped a seven-week losing streak, its worst since 2001. 

The midpoint of Mercury retrograde on Sunday, May 22, proved once again to be an important market timing signature.

In US, Home sales are stalling due to the spike in mortgage rates. People are postponing or cancelling their summer vacation plans due to the high cost of gasoline and air travel.

The Trickster’s midpoint reversed the markets while the transit of Mars and Jupiter in the fire sigh of Aries is coinciding with the large rally and a burst of new enthusiasm for risk.

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries on May 29, followed by Mercury turning direct on June 3 and Saturn turning retrograde on June 4.  The optimism and willingness to take risks associated with Mars and Jupiter conjoining a fire sign may get tempered later in the week when the serious-minded Mercury and Saturn both change directions just one day apart. 

Economy is changing from crude to Solar now. It has to be and no other way left. 

Gemini new moon of May 30 will trigger more caution and action.. 

In India, Wealth is getting central and some countries are bleeding in debt like Srilanka.. Pakistan is also facing financial issues..