Life lessons from One day Cricket.

Submitted by admin on Mon, 10/10/2022 - 07:35

Life is like a game. Impact is a true measure of how effectively you lived. Earlier generation was living in scarcity and its purpose was more of accumulation of assets. Next generation is more about pleasure. This generation is bridge between the two.

We are lost generation. Very few know their purpose. We are just living in race of products and brands and jumping from one pleasure to another. Effectiveness comes from purpose. Aimless life is like useless living. Many of us moving from shopping malls to malls in search of pleasure. Moving from one restaurant to another. We call it living fully.

In this era of overthinking, overeating and over pleasure, one world is still struggling for survival. We are building a polar society – one who has everything and other who has nothing.

I was seeing cricket match yesterday. Some learnings are

    1. Patience vs Aggression : IN world of 20 over cricket, we have long living years ahead. Average life has increased. Society likes bug hitters, but sustainability is key here. You should know when to keep taking runs by running, if boundaries are not coming.  
    2. Keep rotating strikes : Help may not come from others, you have to still keep rotating strike. Other end may keep falling. You have to keep things going. It is your show. You cant leave on others to finish it. No one can act as your insurance. IF you find someone like it, it is your luck.
    3. Hit Hard in Start and end: You have to hit freely in slog overs. It has nothing to lose. Save wicket in middle. Life is one match only. There is no second chance here.  
    4. Technique matters over hard hitting:  Timing and patience teach us how to wait for right delivery. They comes now and then. Hit them. Otherwise keep ticking scoreboard.
    5. Till Last ball:  Game can swing in any way till last ball. Life is game of uncertainty. Keep trying.

No one can hit all balls : You cant hit every day or all balls. You need life saving luck too. Some balls may be too scary, but some loose balls will come too.