Lunar eclipse - Nov 30, Gemini

Submitted by admin on Wed, 11/18/2020 - 05:40

Uranus and venus are opposing near the Lunar eclipse. You may attract strage love. Take proper sleep , rest and eat well. Gemini eclipse brings culmination of dreams for people born near 30 th of any month. It is sign of duality. Universe will end phase of one contunity. Most planets are stuck on one side of Venus and Uranus. It may keep matter of heart, love, child on top prioirity. Listen more and know the intetion of others. Take decision accordingly. 

Neptune and Orcus are in square with this full moon. Be realsitic in approach. Over risk may get backfire. 


  • Aries - Sibling, contract and travel 
  • Taurus - Eanred income 
  • Gemini - Outlook and percption.
  • Cancer - Mental peace
  • Leo - Social life and friends 
  • Virgo - Social status and career 
  • Libra - Travel and In laws
  • Scorpio - Partner's income , expenses
  • Sagittarius - Marriage and commitment 
  • Capricorn - Job and Health 
  • Aquartius - Love , Child and Creativity 
  • Pisces - Home and domestic affair..