New moon Aquarius - Jan 21 - Intense Transformation with desire of freedom

Submitted by admin on Sat, 01/14/2023 - 12:18

Uranus is about to go direct near this new moon. Pluto is so near. Passion would be very high . Desire to move on new direction would be very high. Time till May is very Fast. Fast changes will move. It is more so as all planets will go direct. We felt stuck in Corona. Now it is first time flow is so intense.

This is third new moon at 1 Degree So birthdays near 22 would feel more so.

  • Aries (near Mar 22)- Social desire.
  • Taurus (Near Apr 22)- Social status
  • Gemini - Travel and in laws
  • Cancer - Partner's income
  • Leo - Marriage
  • Virgo - Job and Health
  • Libra- Love and Child
  • Scorpio - Home and mother
  • Sagittarius - Sibling and connect
  • Capricorn - Earned income
  • Aquarius - Outlook perception
  • Pisces- Mental Health