New moon at gemini

Submitted by admin on Sun, 05/17/2020 - 09:46

New moon at gemini 2 deg ..on May 22 has close trine with saturn... It is so good aspect for recovering and rebuilding.. overlapping aspect is Venus and Mercury square to neptune.. confusion and lack of sleep or love.. impact will be on people born near 22.

Aries ..mar 22..sibling contract
Taurus .. apr 22.. earned income
Gemini may 22.. Outlook
Cancer . Jun 22..mind peace
Leo..jul 22.. social life
Virgo.. aug 22.. career .. social status
Libra- sep 22 traveling.. in laws
Scorpio. Oct 22..expenses..
Sagittarius..nov 22.. marriage
Capricorn ..dec 22.. job and health .
Aquarius.. Jan 22.. love child
Pisces.. Feb 22. Home