New moon Linra -October 16 , 2020

Submitted by admin on Sun, 10/11/2020 - 10:24

This new moon in T square of current Saturn ,Pluto, Mars square. Power struggle is possible. You may question power points stopping you... If you were born near 16th of any month ... It will impact you. Police across the world using power to silence the weak. Violence is possible in coming week. better to remain cautious. Mercury will go retrograde soon.. so keep watch on information... 


  • Aries - Marriage and Peers.. 
  • Taurus  - Job and health
  • Gemini - Love, creativity ,Child.. 
  • Cancer - Home and Domestic affair
  • Leo - Sibling, and contract 
  • Virgo  Earned income and money 
  • Libra- Outlook and perception 
  • Scorpio  - Mental peace.
  • Sagittarius  - Social life friends 
  • Capricorn - Social Status and prestige 
  • Aquarius - Travl ,In laws
  • Pisces- Partner's income .Money