New moon in Virgo date August 30

Submitted by admin on Thu, 08/22/2019 - 07:17

We are in very intense Virgo season. New moon is due on August 30. Conjunct Mars/ Venus.. Good angle with Uranus.. People born near 30 will feel the blessing.. It is boost for following  area..

  • Aries.. Job and health
  • Taurus - Love and creativity
  • Gemini- Home and domestic affair
  • Cancer - Sibling and contract
  • Leo - Earned income . money
  • Virgo..Outlook perception
  • Libra -  Mental peace
  • Scorpio -- Friends and social relations
  • Sagittarius - Career and social status
  • Capricorn - Travel and inlaws
  • Aquarius - Loan and sex
  • Pisces.. Marriage and relations..


Very good new moon ..keep all options open.. Clean, declatter, organise things.. take care of heath..