Partial lunar eclipse is due in Gemini on November 30. Venus and Uranus slight tough with it. But is it partial lunar eclipse so keep focus on how world look at you. Celebrate your success. You may have to spend extra on personal things. This eclipse will impact more to people born near May 30. This eclipse is in communication sign of Gemini so expect this lockdown season to loosen up. Changes are coming in personal space. Gemini is comfortable in changes.

Jupiter (Big) ,Pluto (Changes), and Saturn (fear) conjunction happening in Capricorn. They will come more closer this month. Jupiter will conjunct Pluto on November 12. If you were born near June 14, a big expensive movement possible. A big inflow of money is also possible for some Gemini. So plan bug flow.

Mercury will go direct on November 3, and Mars will move on November 13, and Neptune will move on November 28. Slow moving things will move ahead. After long time Planets are waking up and may make world to move in festival season. Career will be on focus.

Actions in November will be more coordinated. November will start with a volatile full moon of October 31 in mental peace house. Thoughts will circle around a conflict or  will shift in big way near this full moon. From Uranus (in Taurus) and Venus (in  Libra) , no other planet in lower half of home. So you will be in public eye with major focus on love.

New moon of November 15 is good for job and health. Venus will add to it after November 21. This new moon is too good with new job opportunities, If you were born near June 15, this new moon will give you big boost. Luck will help you in big way. Inflow of big financial support is possible in November.