Optimize the consciousness

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/12/2020 - 08:08

Productivity is not time optimization. It is mindfully living. Consciousness has habit of slipping away. Our thoughts are one kind of sense. Like good food, it has habit of slipping in daydreaming, hating someone, breaking head against wall, or addictions. Energy meant for larger good ends in wasteful life. Lets discuss wastage of awareness

  1. Addiction : We all are addicted. It is hard to ignore it. Video game, Netflix, mobile, or Television series we all have our own addiction. It is waste of effort and time. Energy is meant for larger good.
  2. Exploring choices : It is hard to take decisions. Awareness get stuck in choices. Dividing energy is painful. We stuck in choices in life. It leads to indecisions. We delay decision as we explore choices more. We give too much value to it.
  3. Multi tasking : Many people will say it is good. It consumes lot of energy. We keep switching energy from one task to another. It takes more time for task to complete.
  4. Expectations : It is biggest killer of awareness. We attach expectation with each task or efforts. Not all can come true. When we fail  in some,  we go in sadness,pain and healing process. We loose interest. Expectation kills awareness.
  5. Depression :Our society is mostly depressive. We live in such environment that some come to us. We are average of five people we spend time with. Choose your content wisely. It must be progressive.
  6. Impression : We want to impress others. It builds ego. Impressing others create worth in us. It adds no real value. It wastes lot of time. I collect lot of information to impress others. It is ok upto a limit but afterwards it loose significance.


There are many waste of awareness, Live mindfully means feel joy in each moment. Success and failure are illusion. Living is best gift. Live in present and live mindfully.