Science and its need

Submitted by admin on Fri, 07/26/2019 - 11:12

Only science can help people. It can only push humanity to next level. Efforts in science need to be push ahead. We need cut throat technology to push humanity ahead. We are on verge of transition. Human race will move  ahead along with machines. Till now we had partnership  with animals. Now we have machines to push ahead. Artificial intelligence will add fire to our efforts. 

Future human wont be same. Machine will play big roles. Human will be more open to experiment, skill development and connection development. Make life more easy and comfortable.

Elon musk is trying hard to push humanity ahead, but he is human. He needs support. He cant do it alone. Each one of us has to contribute. We need tiny science cafes to discuss science at every nukkad. That way only we can change deep rooted culture in society.

We need somethings to push world out of cancer and heart attacks. We want to touch moon and mars. We want science to explore beyonds current reality.

People are running towards money -possessiveness or spiritualty - no money. Third possible way could be path least travelled - Science - Rationality and knowing self.