Taurus 2023 Horoscope

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2022 Review

Let’s discuss major signature which were in game in 2022.

  1. Uranus and North nodes both have been driving changes for Taurus. A war of freedom is going on. North nodes comes to one sign in 18.6 years. It drives changes in big way. At present it is half way through its journey of about 18 months. It is pressure to change outlook, perception, relations or dependence of people.
  2. Two major square are intense at this point in 2022. They will slowly move away in 2023. Pluto - Eris were in square. An intense educational or legal issue or drive may have been keeping you busy. Regular travel may be key to Taurus born near end of Taurus, it might be creating a mental agony. Pluto drive passion and transformation. You may be trying hard to sustain at foreign place or university.
  3. Meantime, Saturn and Uranus in close square since 2020. It was intense battle for freedom in career or pressure to show social visibility. Influential people around you might have changed , it may be parent, boss or someone support figure. We show this square in 2008.
  4. Mars is in Gemini for long term till March 25. 2023. It is keeping pressure on your earned income. Mars increases money flow. Expenses or earning might be changing in a way. You may be spending to fix some basic stuff in life.
  5. Eclipse has been happening in relationship houses. Changes are happening around marriage partner or way you deal business or marriage.  We have eclipses on April 20 (Aries), May 5 (Scorpio), October 14(Libra) and October 28 (Taurus). All eclipses are in different signs .   

2023 Preview:

Few major signatures, we have to go through in 2023.

  1. Jupiter will cover Aries in 2023 till May 16. It is very quick transit to heal and blessings from hidden friends. You can use this transit by better planning.  And After May 16, 2023 , it will help in boosting your confidence , outlook and initiatives. It is time to take proactive decisions to improve your habits and actions.
  2. Saturn will re-enter in Pisces on Mar 7. It will be here till 2026. So long time for it to scan your friends and social links. These are link which you have created or earned for self. Social wealth will be important as Saturn and Neptune are in same house.
  3. North node of moon will move to Aries for July 17. It will be time to take charge of health and wellness.


Mars (action)-Most of It

Jupiter (Luck)


Earned Income

Peace, thoughts, hidden friend


Earned Income

Peace, thoughts, hidden friend


Earned Income

Peace, thoughts, hidden friend


Sibling – Transactions

Peace, thoughts, hidden friend


Sibling – Transactions

Peace, thoughts, hidden friend


Home- Mother

Self-Perception, Outlook


Love- Child

Self-Perception, Outlook


Love Child

Self-Perception, Outlook


Health – Work

Self-Perception, Outlook


Health- Work

Self-Perception, Outlook



Self-Perception, Outlook



Self-Perception, Outlook


Repeat of Cycles

Some themes come back to us. 2023 will bring


Last transit


North Node


Significant Changes  in Outlook -Wellness- Relations






Boost of Luck in Outlook , Peace












Restraint, Discipline in Social life

2023 for Taurus

Taurus has huge gathering in own half. It means drive of own will help. People may not have big say in 2023. Only Mars is a big planet which is moving in other half. You and your initiatives will drive leadership. Use this year to write a book, develop self to new height in personal goals. Expectations of other may not have big say this year. Taurus is a fixed sign. But with Uranus and Jupiter in first house, it is time to take big risks. Saturn is out of career after March, so risk in second half of the year may well be rewarded. Jupiter will protect you.  

Your ruler , Venus, will be in home and domestic security from June 5 to October 8. It is long stay along with retrograde. So keep home security in control and fix any weakness.

Mars is in second house of earned income till March 25. Money flow will be high for Taurus till March 25.

Let’s discuss houses and areas based on their priorities.

Health and Wellness

Jupiter is here to reward you for hard work of 12 years. Till May 16, grab all benefits. You will get extra shine and confidence.

Wellness is new wealth. A hidden friend or plan will help you now. Two eclipses of April 20 (Aries) and October 14 (Libra) are big milestone dates. 2023 will force you to take big step in health and wellness. It will be new beginning. It may be your health or someone’s close. New job responsibility may come up near October 14.

With Saturn and Neptune in eleventh house, social relations may help in big way.

Mars will enter in job and health house on August 27 to October 12. Other important dates are March 21, April 6, and September 29. Venus will help mental peace from Feb 20 to March 16 and in physical health house from Nov 8 to Dec 4.

Self Vs Partnerships

Two eclipses are here too in 2023. May 5 (Scorpio) and October 28 (Taurus) are key milestone dates. These eclipses help us to balance between own and others. It may be with partner , enemy, co-worker, or critics. It is relationships of equals. Both parts are lunar eclipses. It means culmination of long term efforts. It is result time so listen the universe with positive mind set.

If single, these dates may create opportunities for marriage. If married, Uranus is driving you to detatch from career matters and finding new way to enjoy self.

Jupiter will join Uranus here in your outlook on May 16. It is boost to your transformation. Jupiter comes once in 12 years and it will be blessing to have all three North node, Uranus, and Jupiter in this house.

People will find new you. There is no reason to remain same in outlook, perceptions, habits, and looks. Give self a new look.

Mars will enter in marriage house from October 12 to November 24. Other important moon phases are May 19 and November 13. Venus will enter in own house on March 16 to April 11 and in marriage from Dec 4 to Dec 29.

Love, Child, Heart, Social life etc

Social health is more focus here in 2023 than love life. With Saturn and Neptune in twelfth house, it is friendship or other relations with low expectations will help you to refine Taurus. Saturn will enter in this house on March 7.  A supportive house Saturn and Neptune may create some illusion in friendships. Be aware of fake friends. Chance of cheating is there. Better not to deal money matter with friends.

Important moon dates are Feb 20, Aug 31, and Sep 15. Mars will enter in love and creative health from July 12 to August 27. Listen to your heart at this point.

Career- Home, Parents, Visibility, Reward in society. -  

Saturn has almost completed its stay in career. Since 2020, it was mostly in conflict with Uranus. 2023 bring this square to end. It is nig relief and chance to go free. Saturn leave long trail of lessons and repair work. 2023 will be time to rebuild career with these lessons in steps. No need to hurry. It takes time to notice changes.

Pluto will enter in this house on March 23 to June 11. Meantime, Saturn will leave it on March 7. So social platform will change in big way. Pluto rules transformation , but one few Taurus who borned near 22 April will feel its impact.  

Now let’s discuss our roots . Venus will go retrograde in Leo. So it will be long time to review domestic life from June 5 to October 8 in Leo. Mars will be there from May 20 to July 10. So June- July will be crucial to review what your values wants. Taking reat at home may be difficult during this phase.  

Money – Self vs Others.

Mars will be in earned income for long time. In 2023 , only after March 25, it will go to next house. Money may be leaking now. You may think to create new source of income.

Mars will again enter in eighth house on November 24 to year end. That time, others may demand their share in your assets.

Sibling, Relatives, Travel and education

Long distances has Pluto for long time. It is grinding in last degree. Additionally, it is in square with Eris. Some of you may be feeling exhausted in travel or education. This square will loosen up in 2023. Yet Pluto will keep roaming in late degree of travel and education.  

Mars will enter in skill and sibling in March 25 to May 20. This will activate short distance travel and education. Sibling may come up with new ideas.