SCORPIO (Oct 23 to Nov 21) :: January 2018 Horoscope

Wish you a very happy new year Dear Scorpio.

January is big month for outlook. Both Mars and Jupiter are in first house. Go all out to maximise it. Plan all big things now. You have extra luck in your favour till January 25.

New Year will begin with travel, legal and in-laws. Full moon is happening in Cancer on January 2. This is productive full moon to evaluate educational needs. It has support of Mars (action in self) and Neptune (vision in love). It has Opposition from Pluto (hate) and Venus (hunger) from sibling life. Drive slow. Distance may be issue. Legal issues may test you. Teachers will be hard.

This is a supermoon so emotions will be high. If you were born near November 2, this full moon is too close.

On January 2, Uranus will go direct, so work and health life would be a focus point.

Sibling issues may slow down a bit. Saturn is moving in it now. You need extra time in life. You need to live productive life. You may have lot of pendency on table. New moon of January 16 will give some hint to you. It is tough with Uranus (Unexpected news from job), but has support from Jupiter (luck from self) and Chiron (healing in love). Some scrap may generate. Transaction work may end up in waste. Or may be new work come up.

If you were born near November 15, this new moon will bring new opportunities.

January end has one big lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31. If you were near October 31, this eclipse will be very transformative and positive. Redefine your career. You will be top of the world. This eclipse provides career and social status breakthrough.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn and Pluto are transforming sibling area. It is time to add new skills. There is no other way to go on top.

Uranus is in sixth house till May 2018. It is time to experiment different field or area. Take care of work and health.

Neptune is in fifth house of love. Love life may be full of haze. New creative areas should be evaluated. Water, movies, art, or travel may be few options.

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