SCORPIO (Oct 23 to Nov 21) :: July 2019 Horoscope

Eclipse season is here. Changes are here. So wind will flow in different directions. Let life evolve. Being a fixed sign, changes are not easy for you.

First eclipse is due on July 2. It is a solar eclipse. New beginning is possible in legal matters or higher education. Start working on something on higher education, travel or publication. Push life wholeheartedly. This is supportive eclipse for Scorpio. You are always hungry for higher education. Travel in July may be key point. You may be in train, bus or airplane. It is time to keep beg ready. It may be on short notice.

If you were born near November 2, this eclipse will impact you directly.

Second eclipse of July 17 is tight one. It is lunar eclipse and full of aspects. Pluto and Saturn are nearby in Capricorn. Sun and Venus are opposite. Neptune is supporting this eclipse. So it is heavy on responsibility. Lack of sleep or food possible. If you were born near November 17, this eclipse will be direct to you. It is in sibling or contract matter .TIme management need new review. This is time to close things. Spend time on things that you can control.

Meantime, Mars will be in Leo from July 7 to August 1. It will be time to rebuild social status, career will be key here. Meet more top management. Mercury will go retrograde from July 7 to July 31. It will be time to reduce communication mess. Recheck information. Delay in train timing or meeting possible. Don't rush.

Let's discuss long term aspects for Scorpio. Jupiter is moving in earned income matters till year end. Earnings situation should improve. It is opposing Neptune in love. Child matter may keep you engaged till September 21. Saturn and Pluto are in sibling matters . It is draining your energy in transaction which are unnecessary. Uranus is in moving in Taurus so erratic life partner’s behaviour may irritate you especially if you were born near 28th November.

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