SCORPIO (Oct 23 to Nov 21) :: July 2018 Horoscope

Jupiter, which is moving in Scorpio, will go direct on July 11. It will help you in gaining control on perception, outlook and weight. Mars is going to be in retrograde from June 26th until August 27th. So whole July, keep pressure and anger in check from domestic health and motherís side.

First eclipse of July is on July 13 in Cancer sign. This is solar eclipse and it represents a beginning. This eclipse is opposite to Pluto (passion, death, or sex). This eclipse will bring initiation to a new legal issue. Keep bed pack, you may have to travel. Educational needs may demand you go far. Pluto rules hate. Donít take impulsive decision. In-laws may have new puzzle for you.

If you were born near November 13, this eclipse is challenging. DO take help of mediation.

Lunar eclipse of July 27 is touching Mars-Uranus square. It is in domestic matters. Home may be area you should look after. A property matter may go in legal dispute. Mother health may need immediate attention. This eclipse is longest in century. So donít keep home safety to chance. Fix leakages. Renters may be asked to move. Shock may come in partnership issue.

If you were born near October 27, this lunar eclipse may bring some shocking insight.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn and Pluto are transforming sibling area. It is time to add new skills. There is no other way to go on top.

Uranus is in sixth house till May 2018. It is time to experiment different field or area. Take care of work and health.

Neptune is in fifth house of love. Love life may be full of haze. New creative areas should be evaluated. Water, movies, art, or travel may be few options.

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