SCORPIO (Oct 23 to Nov 21) :: January 2019 Horoscope

January is productive month for all. Synchronise your energy to goals and universe. Learn how to realign self to cosmic waves to make life easy. Mars and Uranus are in health chart. Review health needs. It is time to fix health gaps.

Scorpio have powerful solar eclipse in sibling and contract area. January 5 eclipse has Saturn in conjunction. New moon brings new initiative. See how your time goes. Are you living productive life. Review your relationships with sibling. Sibling rivalry is common deep and powerful psychological phenomena. Many Scorpio may go through deep bounds. A rational neighbour or sibling may need healing or ignorance. If you were born near November 5, this solar eclipse will kick-start new journey of productive next six months.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are squaring in sky. For Scorpio, it is in love , child and earned income . You may spend extra money on convincing your child especially near January 13. Love may feel disconnect between vision or reality.

Lunar eclipse of January 21 is in 0 deg Leo. This eclipse has shocking element of Uranus. Some truth may come out which may not be that pleasant about career and home. It is on cusp so it will have different effect on different Scorpio. Like, if you were born near October 20, this eclipse will question social status, career, home or outlook. It may be tough to handle eclipse. Let the universe say what it is wanting to tell you. Don’t react. Let eclipse pass.

If you were born near November 20, this eclipse will check legality, sibling, or health part. You may have to take unplanned travel. It may be job need.

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