CANCER (June 21- July 22):: February 2016 Horoscope

Mars is in love life. You are discussing your matter of heart. Life may full of fun or love. Spend more time with your love or child. February is supportive month.

New moon is happening in Partnerís income house on February 8. It is intense new moon. Partner may start a new job. It may be time expand your financial wings. Loan and taxes matter may come. Resolve these issues. Rethink finances. Inflow and outflow of money will be high.

If you were born near July 8, this new moon is about intense travel and spirituality.

Full moon is happening in practical Virgo on 22 February 2016. Sibling will be key. Finalise contracts, if you want to. It is time to check your travel plan. Every day travel may be point of discussion. It is ideal date to buy new car or hire new driver. With Jupiter (luck), North node (hunger) and full moon (Culmination) are in same house of travel. If office travel time is a pain, think deeper , solution may be around the corner. This date provide key opportunity to resolve any communication related issue. Buy your new iphone.

If you were born near July 20, this full moon is about your communication.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter has been moving in sibling and contract starting August 12, 2015. You will see progress from their side. Buy a new big car in next one year. Plan at least 2-3 holidays to nearby places. Join some communication or body language institute to make you impressive.

Saturn has been moving in Sagittarius starting September 17. It is work and health that will get impact. Do plan for greater physical strength. That strength should use in between work execution. Get ready for long work hours.

Cancer sign is very comfortable with matter of heart. Care and concern are two key points in fifth house. Help others to maximise its impact.

Meantime, Uranus is in tenth house of social status. An influential person may give you an additional edge over your colleagues. Moon nodes are also passing through this part. Spark in career would continue to drive you to higher growth chart. Mars will square with Node this month. Home and career may get slight bump.

Neptune is in ninth house of in-laws and travel. You may want to add new higher degree. Or you may look for opportunities of in-laws wellness.

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