PISCES :: March 2018 Horoscope

March starts with a full focus on you. Pisces is hosting Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, chiron and Neptune. Water all around. March will have another big point, March 1. Full moon of March 1 is in Virgo. Relationship or marriage may be on shaky ground. There may be some pressure or information around this full moon. Neptune is opposing this full moon.

If you were born near March 1, this full moon will be important.

Jupiter will go in retrograde on March 8. Travel and in-laws words may fluctuate. Do plan a forign travel.

Saturn (slow growth) and Pluto (passion) are already there in social health. Mars will also join on March 17. You will deal with friends and society. No point from hiding from these. Meet new people . Organize social events. Join parties.

On March 17, New moon is due in Pisces. Jupiter is supporting this new moon and Uranus is also tentative. It is all about your appearance. People will be surprised how you can smile in pressure. You are sweet and beautiful people. People may see you in new avatar. Have a new look near this new moon.

If you were born near March 17, this new moon will help.

Mercury will get in retrograde on March 23 to April 15. Decision will go slow. Information will be hazy. Don't buy anything big or decide anything important. Let the full information come.

On March 31, Full moon is due in Libra, This is tough full moon. Mars (action), Mercury (Communication) and Saturn (restrictions) are tough on it. This is in partnerís income and sex house. Loan people will be tough. Tax demand will be high. Reduce liabilities. Career pressure may come from a sudden news.

If you were born near February 28, this full moon will be close to you.

Long Term Aspects

Neptune is in first house. You may be sometimes feeling lost in self-goals. Vision should be broken down in goals and activities. Activities level execution is most difficult part in day-to-day operation. Poor planning may end in poor execution.

Uranus is in second house of earning. You may get your earnings from unrelated areas. Frequent change in earning source is possible. Pluto and Saturn are driving passionately your social life. New friends may help in gaining footfall in new creative fields.

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