PISCES :: September 2018 Horoscope

New moon is happening in Virgo on September 9. This new moon is in marriage and relationships. It is time to evaluate marriage and business relations. Jupiter (luck in travel and in-laws) and Pluto (passion in social arena or friends) are protecting you in big way. Good time to meet friends. If single, you may look for long term partnership. It is time to evaluate marriage and commitment. Strengthen the bond.

If you were born near March 9, this new moon is way to use relationships well. Only bad aspect is Neptune. Take care of your outlook. Remove some fat, if it is there.

On September 12, Jupiter will send great vibes to Pluto. It is time to boast travel and social links peace. Mars will be in Aquarius. Go out with friends. It is best to enjoy long pending picnic or dinner.

September is big month. Mars is direct now. All planets are direct till Jupiter. After that still in retrograde. Last 2-3 months were hectic and stressed for some of us. On September 6, Saturn will be direct. And on September 30, Pluto will be direct. Both are in Capricorn, So it will help in developing deeper social connections. You have to develop such links for long growth. Pisces is best sign to bend self and adjust according to needs.

On September 24, we have a tough full moon in Aries. It is tough with Mercury (Communication), Saturn and Pluto (Insecurity and transformation in social thoughts). Chiron (healing) is in conjunction. And Mars is supporting it. So in summary it is productive full moon with lots of emotions. Earned income may be in pain. Expenses would be too high. Support will be narrow. Adjust self to gain insight of new earning opportunities. Keep some buffer to handle this situation.

If you were born near February 24, this full moon is tricky.

Long Term Aspects

Neptune is in first house. You may be sometimes feeling lost in self-goals. Vision should be broken down in goals and activities. Activities level execution is most difficult part in day-to-day operation. Poor planning may end in poor execution.

Uranus is in second house of earning. You may get your earnings from unrelated areas. Frequent change in earning source is possible. Pluto and Saturn are driving passionately your social life. New friends may help in gaining footfall in new creative fields.

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