PISCES :: March 2016 Horoscope

March has two eclipses. Both are intense and productive. Solar eclipse of March 8 is in Pisces. This is outlook house. Perceptions may change dramatically. People may see you from different prospective. Jupiter (luck in marriage and relations) and Saturn (insecurity in travel and in-laws) are opposing this new moon. It is very emotional, fuzzy and confused solar eclipse. Sun (ego), Moon (emotion), Mercury (communication), Neptune (fuzziness) and Chiron (healing from past issues) are in emotional water of Pisces. It is big event. You may gain additional responsibility or maturity. People will see this change in you.

If you were born near March 8, this new moon is direct to you.

Lunar eclipse is happening in early degree of Libra on March 23. Mercury (Communication) is opposing it. Mars is supportive from career now. This is partnerís income for you. Unexpected gains are possible.

If you were born near February 23, this lunar eclipse is close to you.

Mars and Saturn are in career house. Expect a big change in career and social status. A VIP or influencing person may be too demanding now. Do take care of pressure especially near March 23. Jupiter will join this stress Point.

Long Term Aspects

Neptune is in first house. You may be sometimes feeling lost in self-goals. Vision should be broken down in goals and activities. Activities level execution is most difficult part in day-to-day operation. Poor planning may end in poor execution.

Jupiter is in sixth house of work and health. Job security will come naturally to you in next one year. Any job change will come with support from higher ups. Do take care of health. Excess fat would come easily now.

Uranus is in second house of earning. You may get your earnings from unrelated areas. Frequent change in earning source is possible. Pluto is driving passionately your social life. New friends may help in gaining footfall in new creative fields.

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