CANCER (June 21- July 22):: July 2018 Horoscope

Eclipse season is coming your way. It will question all status quo. First eclipse of this series is on July 13 in Cancer sign. This is solar eclipse and it represents a beginning. This eclipse is opposite to Pluto (passion, death, or sex). Relationships and commitment may come to point to power struggle. Cancer is sensitive sign for moon movement and emotions. A male may enter and leave your life.

If you were born near July 13, this eclipse is challenging. Employer may drain you. Control your anger and hate. Relationships string needs a gentle holding.

July is hectic month. Many planets are moving backwards (retrograde). So changes won’t have much support. Luckily, Jupiter will go direct on July 11. It will help you in gaining control on child, love and creativity. Mars is going to be in retrograde from June 26th until August 27th. So whole July, keep pressure and anger in check.

Lunar eclipse of July 27 is touching Mars-Uranus square. It is in job and health. Job and health of someone close will be under focus. A friend may need help.

If you were born near June 27, this lunar eclipse may bring some shocking insight, A friend or social link may comment on your behaviour or attitude. This may be emotional comment and you may lose emotional control. Or, A health issue may need immediate attention. It may come out from no-where. Live healthy Cancer.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter has been moving in romantic chart. You will see progress in love life.

Saturn and Pluto have been moving in Capricorn. It is marriage life. Play safe in relations.

Meantime, Uranus is in tenth house of social status (till May 2018). An influential person may give you an additional edge over your colleagues. Spark in career would continue to drive you to higher growth chart.

Neptune is in ninth house of in-laws and travel. You may want to add new higher degree. Or you may look for opportunities of in-laws wellness.

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