CANCER (June 21- July 22):: May 2018 Horoscope

Marriage and relationships are important for all of us. Now, Cancer sign is learning some important relationships in inter-team dynamics. Peers are important. We need people of equal calibre to deal with. We learn from them. Ensure you have good competition. Growth comes from there.

Saturn , Pluto, and Mars are moving in seventh house of marriage. A partnership may test your skill. Critics may be vocal but you can silent them. After May 16, expenses may rise. Mars drives unexpected moments. Keep financial buffer in second half of May’2018.

Meantime, New moon in Taurus is on May 15. New beginning is possible for social relations, link and friends. This house of friends and social interaction will soon get boost by Uranus (Starting May 15). Next seven years will have intense social exposure. You may meet many new people. New faces may come in your life.

This new moon is opposite to Jupiter. Some big opposition may come from love and romance issues. Jupiter and Neptune are in good sync. Pluto is supporting this new moon too. A new beginning is possible in long run. Just don’t meet people for fun.

If you were born near July 15 , +/- 5 days, this new moon is close.

Full moon is due in Sagittarius on May 29. This full moon is in work and health chart. You are very health conscious. Still, some concern may come up near this date.

Sit and review health weakness. It make sense to get frequent assessment. It may be health of close one. If you were born near June 29, +/- 5 days, this full moon is close.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter has been moving in romantic chart. You will see progress in love life.

Saturn and Pluto have been moving in Capricorn. It is marriage life. Play safe in relations.

Meantime, Uranus is in tenth house of social status (till May 2018). An influential person may give you an additional edge over your colleagues. Spark in career would continue to drive you to higher growth chart.

Neptune is in ninth house of in-laws and travel. You may want to add new higher degree. Or you may look for opportunities of in-laws wellness.

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