CANCER (June 21- July 22):: January 2019 Horoscope

Mars and Uranus are moving in career house. It is time to push career needs to next level. Get in touch with influential people. You will be at peak of your career.

Cancer have powerful solar eclipse in marriage and commitment area. January 5 eclipse has Saturn in conjunction. New moon brings new initiative. New commitment or business relationship will emerge. If you are in marriage or business relationship, its weakness, or vulnerability will be key to you. Evaluate the need of level of commitment or freedom. See, if you are not excessive giver in it.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are squaring in sky. For Cancer, it is in job and travel. You may be forced to travel for job needs near January 13. Take care of health.

Lunar eclipse of January 21 is in 0 deg Leo. This eclipse has shocking element of Uranus. Some truth may come out which may not be that pleasant about money and social life. It is on cusp so it will have different effect on different Cancer. Like, If you were borned near June 20, this lunar eclipse is about money and social life. You may get prone of expenses on social events.

If you were borned near July 20, this lunar eclipse is about outlook and career. You may express your fears or career needs. A new perception or mask will emerge. You are building a new security cover around you. It is time to check your looks, perception, confidence, fears, freedom or spiritual needs.

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