CANCER (June 21- July 22):: June 2020 Horoscope

Cancer were going though many changes for past 18 months. Now moon node changing it exist to Gemini and Sagittarius. One last eclipse will happen now in Cancer on June 21. June is big month for all. Eclipses are not easy but we are already in virus era. Home is so important. We are living at home in fear of the virus. All lockdown and fear around us. It is tough time.If you were born near June 18 and July 18 will be key pressure points. Life may be little tight for you.

June 30 is better date for everyone. It will help in marriage for July 18 and FOr earning part for people born near June 18.

Mercury will go in retrograde on June 18 and Neptune on June 23. Mercury will go retrograde on June 18 to July 12. Know your plans well. Review them well. Neptune will go retrograde from June 22 (20 Deg Pisces) to November 28 (18 Deg Pisces). It is time to cut off the illusion from the past.Know your educational needs well. Review your educational needs. In current recession , it is very important.

Lunar eclipse of June 5 is in job and health matters .It is time to review work needs. Emotions and impulsiveness would be high. So keep nerve in control. Weak link may want to go away. A job loss or health issue may emerge. Pressure will come from educational needs, travelling or inlaws. Teachers may be blunt. A health issue may come up out of blue. So keep your focus on repair of job and health issues.

Solar eclipse of June 21 is new beginning. It will act differently for people born near June 20 and july 20. . If you were born near June 20, this eclipse will be too important life point. It will require some big changes and adjustments. If you were born neat July 21, this eclipse may highlight your mental peace and marriage chart. Both are so linked. It is time to realign or refocus on inner peace. Any change in inner world is linked to outer appearance.

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