CANCER (June 21- July 22):: February 2020 Horoscope

On February 9, we have full moon in Leo. Leo is earning sign for you. Earned income will get reviewed. Money and self worth will get new push. Neptune (hazyness) is angry with it so the Pluto (passion). Support is coming from Mars. There should be desire to act. No clarity from in-laws or legal matters side. Mars may misdirect your actions. Passion needs

If you were born near July 9,this full moon is close to you.

Mars will keep focus on job and health till February 16. Afterwards, focus will shift to marriage related issues. Fix , if these areas not working properly.

Mercury will go retrograde on February 16. It will be time to meet past distant relatives or memories. Travel is possible to already visited places.

On February 23, new moon is there in Pisces. It is very beautiful new moon. It will start an new era in your travel and spiritual growth life. It is time to kick start a new educational move. Time is very ripe and productive now. Just on February 20, Jupiter and Neptune will make great angle. Your marriage house is so full. So in-laws and travelling may be theme around you.

If you were born near June 23, this new moon is close to you.

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