Virgo - 2020 Horoscope

Submitted by admin on Sun, 09/15/2019 - 17:37

Balancing marriage and home is never easy.  Both were quite active in 2019. Jupiter (Luck at home) was in square with Neptune (idealism at marriage). You may need a real partner with clear vision. A domestic issue may be coming in between again and again. 

Life is about balancing things. By cosmic means, life is never balanced. Planets keep moving. And they shift our priorities. We dance in this tune. We can’t control everything, though we want all. We should try our best. Yet leave things to cosmos too. Time is a big healer. It heals.

Leo - 2020 Horoscopes

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We are actors in this cosmic world. Energy waves around us define our moods and feelings. We have control on very few things. Nature is the king. Understanding nature’s mood and waves is the art of astrology. 

Live with it and it will help you to maximise potential at lowest cost. 2019 was year of work and health alignment. Same focus will continue in 2020. Let's discuss focus area in 2020 , one after another. 

Work , Health and wellness 

Cancer - 2020 Horoscope

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Key houses have huge focus in 2020. Cancer are best in knowing interpersonal skills. Emotions rule you. It is hard for you adjust with a rational person. A balance is needed between emotional and rational world. 

Too many rational people may suffocate you. You may feel why people don't have heart. Why everyone is racing to gain money ? we should build teams and humanity. Democracy is falling across the world. Power is getting centralised. We need more poets, writers, lovers, nurses and healers, Cancer sign is my hope. War is not solution of every problem. 

Gemini -2020 Horoscope

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Managing interpersonal relations is key to success. Gemini are the best communicator of the zodiac. It is time to mend things or move ahead. Other zodiac friends have expression problems. You have clarity of thoughts and language. Empathic listening is key to relationships. 2019 has been a big year in this learning. Jupiter (luck) was there in marriage chart. You could have learned a lot. Use your power now in 2020. 

Taurus - 2020 Horoscope

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Taurus is a sign of possessions, love, care, and affection. 2020 is a supportive year. Though, not much is happening in core houses, but supportive houses have so much to do. Jupiter will also join in Capricorn. It is time to expand the mind. Grow spiritually. Plan to write books or give gyan. It may be different from your core to be materialistic. Spirituality is also another pillar in life. It is time to connect higher energy. It is less painful. It is more realistic. 

Aries - 2020 Horoscope

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Astrology is all about timing of life. We have to live according to cosmic waves. If we resist, we suffer. Pain and pleasure are two faces of the same coin, irony is - we want one , we ignore another. Aries had very active chart in 2019. New year is more about you. Aries energy is very high. Last six months, your ruler, Mars will remain in Aries. It is time to rebuild self. This is year of decisions. Big ones.

Career , Home and Parents - Wind of intense changes

2020 Moon Phase

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  • Jan 10 - Lunar eclipse - Cancer 
  • Jan 24 - New moon Aquarius 
  • Feb 9 - Full Moon Leo 
  • Feb 23 - New moon Pisces
  • Mar 9 - Full moon Virgo
  • Mar 24 - New moon Aries
  • Apr 7 - Full moon Libra
  • Apr 22- New moon Taurus 
  • May 7 - Full moon Scorpio
  • May 22- New moon Gemini
  • Jun 5 - Lunar eclipse Sagittarius
  • Jun 21 - Solar eclipse Cancer 
  • Jul 5 - Lunar eclipse Capricorn
  • Jul 20 - New moon Cacner 
  • Aug 3- Full moon Aquarius 
  • Aug 18 - New moon Leo 
  • S

2020 Ephemeris

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  • Pluto - 22 Deg Capricorn - 25 Deg Capricorn 
  • Neptune - 16 Deg Pisces - 21 Deg Pisces
  • Uranus - 2 Deg Taurus - 10 Deg 42 in August 2020 - 6 Deg 49 in dec 2020
  • Saturn - 21 Deg Capricorn - March 21- Aquarius - May 12 Rx 1 /57 Aqua - July 2 in Capricorn.. Sept 30 Direct 25 Deg..Dec 18 Aqu, 1 Deg 32 Min
  • Jupiter - 6 Deg Capricorn - May 15- Rx 27 Deg Capr, direct Sept 17..17 Deg .. 20 Dec Aquarius ..2 Deg 36 Aqua
  • Mars - 28 Deg Scorpio - Sept 20 rx at 28 Deg Aries.. Nov 14.. 15 Deg Aries.. 27 Deg Aries..